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Codes of Conduct

Little Athletics Victoria has outlined “Codes of Behaviour” for all Administrators, Officials, Parents, Coaches, Little Athletes and Spectators.  A Parent Handbook is distributed to every family in their child’s registration package.  Please refer to this booklet to be aware of the various Rules & Policies that govern the Association.  The LAVic Probity Policy also covers the above aspects and introduces an expansion of these ideals in terms of Adults and Children’s Rights and Responsibilities.


Officials are the backbone of the Little Athletics movement, whether at Club, Centre, Region, State or National level.  Without these officials Little Athletics would collapse.

Unlike many sports, the ratio of officials to children is extremely high.  Each family needs a representative to assist in the running of the program each week.

This high requirement of officials gives parents the opportunity to actively participate in the running of their child’s chosen sport.

For cross country (winter season) the ratio is very much lower.

Please do not equate any fees levied on your children's registration as being adequate to run a Club or Centre.  These fees barely, if at all, cover material requirements.

At each level of Little Athletics officials are required, be it at Club training or State Championships.  Please volunteer your services.

All officials are to sign in, 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the program.  If this is done it should be possible to start the program on time and therefore enable it to finish on time.


Permanent Officials

People volunteering for positions on a permanent basis for the season is invaluable.  This is a vital ingredient to running a successful program.  If you are one of those willing persons that we all rely upon to make things work, please advise the Officials Executive of your availability.




Sign-on Procedures

When officiating, there are a number of simple rules and things we ask of you to keep control and order in the system:

  1. Come to the Officials table at the pavilion, at least 15 minutes before the advertised start time of 8.45am.
  2. On your Club's register print your own name only (for insurance purposes you are not permitted to sign on for other people.)
  3. Take the next number from your Club slot and wait to be allocated your position by the Officials Person in Charge
  4. You will be given a name or position tag to wear during the program.
  5. Please return your tag at the end of the program to the box located at the canteen window.  This is most important, as clubs will be charged a replacement fee on all missing tags each week.

Responsibilities of Duty Personnel

It is the responsibility of each and every club to ensure that it is suitably represented AT ALL TIMES when some form of duty (particularly early duty) is scheduled.

Setting up of competition equipment is under the direction of the Track & Field Executive and/or the Equipment Officer.

Normal setting-up time for Saturdays is 7.30am. Times for other programs will normally be one hour before the commencement of the program or as notified.

Tasks Include:           Setting up of equipment and preparing venues around the arena ready for the commencement of the program.

Duty Club        (As scheduled in the Calendar)

The duty club will be required to carry out tasks related to the conduct of the program and may require moving of equipment during the program.  At the end of the program, the duty club is responsible for the return of all equipment to the equipment room for checking and packing away.  Any damage and shortages noticed are to be reported to the Equipment Officer.

Ensure that the ground is left in a neat and tidy condition.  Clothing or other items left lying around are to be brought to the lost property area.

The duty club is required to seek a clearance from the Track & Field Executive or Equipment Officer that they have completed all required tasks.

Please Note:   The duty club should ensure that they are fully represented for the duration of the program.  Penalties may be imposed if not adequately represented.

General Information - Cont


Delegates Meetings

  • The Centre holds monthly meetings, where each club is represented by their delegates. 

Eligibility for Registration

  • The Centre on behalf of Little Athletics Victoria accepts registrations of children who have reached the age of five (5) and are under the age of sixteen (16) including those who have their fifth or sixteenth birthdays in the period between the 1st day of October and the 30th day of September the following year.  Note that children cannot be registered prior to turning five (5).

Car Parking

  • Car parking is available in Designated Parking Areas only.  Strictly No Parking along the sides of the access roads or on the grass section adjoining the arena.  It is very dangerous to allow children to leave or enter cars along the access road with other cars coming or going at the same time.


  • The Centre has a NO SMOKING policy inside the Athletic Complex during the conduct of any Little Athletics competition, your observance of this policy would be appreciated.  Smokers are requested to go outside the perimeter fence.

Dogs and Bicycles

  • The presence of dogs and the riding of bicycles, or the  use of skateboards or scooters within the boundaries of the Athletic Complex during training and competition periods is forbidden.

Mobile Phones

  • Athletes are not permitted to use mobile phones while at their competition venues.  Non compliance may result in disqualification from that event.

Lost Property

  • All clothing should be named, particularly tracksuits and hats.  A lost property box is in the Equipment Room for items left lying around the ground and may be claimed from there.


  • Full information can be obtained from the Centre Secretary at the Office.





  • The Centre provides coaching for athletes who enter Region or State competitions.  Most clubs also provide training sessions for their members.
  • Coaching from parents or officials while a competition event is in progress, or any pacing of children while a running event is in progress, may lead to the child's disqualification in that event.

First Aid

  • Qualified volunteers as required are necessary.


  • The safety of our families is paramount and every effort is made to ensure our venue is safe. Parents & Officials should always be vigilant in keeping a watch out for dangerous objects in and around the venue and are requested to immediately report any syringes or sharps sighted inside the competition venue so that they may be safely removed.  Reports should be made to a Centre Executive or the  First Aid Officer.  Also be aware of any plastic bags that you suspect may have been used for chroming.

Bad Language

  • Competitors using bad language at any venue will be disqualified from that and all subsequent events for that day.  The same applies for abuse of officials.


  • Rubbish bins are provided around the ground for your convenience.
  • Please ensure that all rubbish is placed in the bins and that our ground is left clean and tidy after each program.
  • The Duty Club is responsible for returning all the rubbish bins to the equipment room after they have been emptied.

Hire of Equipment

  • Details can be obtained from the Secretary at the Office.