Little Athletics Update Nov 2021

Registrations are now open returning athletes please use the email link provided (please do a renewal not a new registration).
New registrations you can register for a free trial which is a good way to start.
Training will be on Tuesday & Wednesday nights from 5-6pm you are welcome to attend both nights or the one that suits you. If you are having trouble with registration or have some questions feel free to ask for assistance.
As the track is a public park when there are no booked events, you are welcome to use the track at other times.
Saturday competition starts Nov 6th. Please try and come early as there will be new requirements before we can commence. Officially warm-up starts at 8:45am ready for a 9am start, but officials must be allocated before we can start events.
Please be aware of the COVID requirements. All adults will be required to use QR Code or if not available, we need contact details. Sanitizer will be provided. Athletes are encouraged to bring their own labelled drink bottles. Athletes must have a parent/guardian present.
Please be patient as we adjust procedures to meet the new requirements.